Friday, October 17, 2008

Update from the Hospital

Hello, everyone. We are awaiting Natalie's c-section. Everything is going well so far. I will post photos as soon as possible. We truly appreciate your prayers and support! - Sutton and Natalie


Connie and Harvey said...

Hey Sutton and Natalie,
Our prayers are with you as I know this has been a long day. Looking forward to your announcement.
Love ya, Connie and Harvey

Diane said...

Natilie, Sutton and Lydia,
We share in your joy in the safe arrival of Lydia. We are so excited to have a new baby GIRL in the family and can't wait to see her. I know if she looks like Sutton as a baby, she is beautiful What a wonderful miracle of God you have to gaze upon each day! Two bit of advice-- stay in the hospital as long as you can and if baby has problems sleeping, try the carseat. Something about the position or closeness really soothes newborns! Love and joy to you all, Diane and Jim

Connie and Harvey said...

GREAT PICTURES...Lydia is the star, and ya'll look great, too!
I know you are looking forward to taking Lydia home. Congratulations and enjoy!!! She is going to love seeing her parents face to face, now. Hope to come see her soon (before she is WALKING) ya, Connie

babo said...

I'm trying my best to figure out how to email you my congratulations ! I thought I had been successful until I look this morning and it is not here ! Anyway.....CONGRATULATIONS to Sutton, Natalie and Lydia ! WOW ! What a beautiful little baby girl ! And I love her name ! Sutton, this is truly your grandest production ! please know how often we've thought of you ! Babo and Bill segars